Spiritual Journalism

I was sitting in Starbucks last week, overhearing a conversation between an Atheist and a Christian.

Here’s how it went.

Atheist : Point.

Christian: Counterpoint.

Atheist: Strongly worded point.

Christian: Louder Point.

Atheist: Even Louder Point.

Christian: Interruption.

Atheist: Not wanting to offend, but really can’t participate in a rigid dogma that has strict guidelines.

Christian: Not wanting to sound rude, but denial of something that is omnipresent isn’t representing the truth.

Atheist: (drinks coffee)

Christian: (Goes back to typing)

And what did we learn? Everyone enjoys engaging in a vivid debate with people who don’t share their beliefs. But no one wants to learn from the other. Our experiences of our spiritual dimensions are what shape us, and the more we share the better we understand our communication with our higher selves. No one wants to share the stories, only the limitations of a singular mode of celestial communication.

Here is what I hope to do with this blog:

1. Explore spiritual practices, lifestyles and themes. Write about those experiences.

2. Find a connective allegory for those experiences. Create more questions. Make the process relatable.

3. Use new media to chronicle these themes. Share and delight.

4. Highlight some soulful personalities, spiritual explorers and conscious givers in this world. Learn from them.

Here are some of my biases:

1. What practices are “spiritual”?

I don’t know yet, I’ll follow curiosity on that one.

2. What practices are “religious”?

I wouldn’t define this as a religion blog, but I am not discounting parts of religion as a way to trace a story.

3. What practices are “personal”?

I’m a Kundalini Yoga freak and I have an altar. Other than that perhaps my bias stems from our modern fascination in alternative lifestyles.

4. How do you define “soulful” when you can’t define the soul?


Either way, I’m hoping this blog grows into “This American Spiritual Life”. I hope you discover new avenues of connection with your higher self. I hope not to teach you anything, but to entertain and delight your curiosity about different spiritual elements. I hope to create a new path of spiritual journalism.  I hope you believe in the beauty of your soul.

Sat Nam

P.S. Sat Nam means “Truth is My Identity” A Kundalini Yoga Aloha.

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