Cities, get ready — the tiny houses are coming

This is a real dream of mine. Project info to follow, check my blog for details!


If you’re looking for tiny houses in cities, prepare to look in unconventional spaces.

In Tokyo, for example, on a plot the size of a parking spot, a tiny house is tucked into the corner of a busy intersection. In Seattle, you’ll find one on a pie-slice of land smushed up against a standard-size home (evidence of a bad divorce). In Warsaw, you’ll have to peer into a three-foot-wide gap between buildings.

We’ve all heard it before: Cities are growing. Everyone wants to live in a city. Young people are sprinting into cities as quickly as their dumb pants will allow. And while there’s been some talk of city centers beginning to draw people back in from the suburbs in recent years, it’s undeniable that sprawl is still very much a component of metropolitan growth in the United States. The much-beloved youth mecca of Austin, for example, grew…

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