Solstice and Finding Yourself at Great Height

Today is the longest day of the year. When I woke up at 5am I looked out my window and saw everything crisp – clean lines outlining everything in sight. A birth of vision. Minutes before I was huddled in my bed, dreading another day of worry, anxiety and fighting the choices I had in front of me. 

There comes a certain point when you realize nothing is a good or bad choice. You are just constantly making them and feeling the effects every single day. 

That is why I love solstice. For one day, there appears to be the magic of equilibrium. Magic is in your heart and you can see clearly the foundation of who you are. There are no choices there is just the brilliant magic of being present.

Today I make the choice not to let my emotions take over. It’s hard, because as much as I love my yoga practice sometimes I think it makes me overly sensitive and shaky. I look at a homeless person and I feel like I want to take care of him, and then I feel mad when I can’t give him a home. I see a dog and I want to smush his face into my hands as he licks my cheeks. I see a very beautiful man at the counter of the coffee shop and I feel such joy when I make him laugh. I read about the slums of Brazil and how people are selling their daughters to tourists and I want to fall apart. 

Not today. Today – equilibrium. The power of the neutral mind. We all can find what we are looking for with the help of the neutral mind. Today I will find a way to make my mind so big that all the emotions that usually cripple me will become trusted sources of information. Just like the sun I will rise to the highest point in the sky. Not even fear will be able to touch me at this high point. 

And yet? I will feel absolutely nothing. I hope to be so high in the sunshine that everyone I meet is touched by love. I hope to share my destiny with others in a way that I am always present and aligned with my dharma. Rich or poor, For Better or For Worse, Sickness or Health I choose my soul to be my soulmate. All things that orbit my soul will be a reflection of the God inside me, and not the other way around. 

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