We Will All Go To The Rally

Ice Bucket Challenges. Daily Gratitude. Post a picture of yourself every day for a year and then edit it together for youtube fame and success. Tag everyone. Hashtag every verb and noun in your vocabulary.

Have we become a global high school? Is this a reflection of our “school spirit” on this planet or as we know it, connection?

We long for connection so badly as a nation. We are living longer but with less prosperity and time. We are eating worse, drinking more and numbing challenge with distraction. Every piece of the big mystery is replaced by the trivialities.

But what is the real rallying cry? Even when I look at Michael Brown, ISIS, and the growing water crisis I find even those rallies are noise against the grain.

Every day we pick impossible problems to solve: people we want to be, things we want to have, goals and promotions to achieve. But why not rally to the person next to us? Do we want 10,000 followers or one friend that would call us when we really needed them.

I can’t solve big problems today. Small problems are boring and everyone has them, so we share them on this rallying cry of “ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!” Then things go silent. The world doesn’t care.

Today my brother lost his best friend. If he needs me, and if he asks, I will rally by his side and stand with him at the funeral this weekend. Because I love him and would do anything for those who know me the best. Because at this high school pep rally we could lose the most beloved of us at any minute, for any stupid reason.

So rally to the person next to you. May your week be filled with small rallying cries of love to all creatures. May you enjoy every piece of your life at every phase and every minute. May you be blessed with love from all corners. May your rallying cry be “I am, I serve, I excel” and let that be the end of it.

May universal love bless you all. Sat Nam.

Meet your Hero

Everything I have been surrounding myself with I desire to be a part of. I am simply a cello in a larger symphony and every sound I make is the source of an external vibration.

Chasing change seems like a backwards statement : change happens every day and you don’t need to do anything in order for it to happen. But I have been on the tail wind of talk and not the front end of action lately. I haven’t written in awhile and I miss it. I haven’t finished my screenplay and it’s burning. I haven’t quite found my tribe yet but I’m working on it. Those feelings are the only tasks in which we have in this lifetime : to chase change by action.

I want to meet my hero someday and find that person is myself.

I want to perform miracles and share them with everyone.

I want that miracle to be an authentic reflection of who I am and what I have to give.

I want to chase the monster of fear and scarcity away with abundance.

Put yourself in a place where miracles are in the realm of possibility and they will happen when you least expect it. Enjoy every minute on this planet as you are building and be graceful when you lose. Live as if you might die tomorrow because you very well might.

Sat Nam

We Are Who We Create

When I was in high school, my best friend and I had alter-egos. We created profiles, gave them email addresses and myspace pages for our others – these characters meant to be filters for spam and scam promotions.

I think about who I created back then – Colleen. She is a goth queen who drinks the blood of goats and dances naked around fires. Her poetry is meant to isolate herself and others from the pain she feels inside. Her divinity is in her feminine fire and that fire burns tar black. Constantly smelling of Patchouli Oil and hanging out behind the 7-11, she would scream under the moon and pierce every part of the shaky sky with wild abandon.

It was a silly joke, right? I’m not that dark person inside – or am I? But why did I choose her? Why did I make this dark queen of poetry my filter for the truth?

The truth is, we are who we create every day. Every one of us are multi-faceted characters and we soak up our environments like a sponge. Perhaps Colleen was the feeling I never had like I fit in, or my conflicting desire to run away from convention.

But who am I creating today and where does she run to? What reality am I creating for myself today and is she running towards the truth? Which person do I want to build myself to be and how does she make herself light?

May the person you create today build your bright tomorrow.

Sat Nam.