We Are Who We Create

When I was in high school, my best friend and I had alter-egos. We created profiles, gave them email addresses and myspace pages for our others – these characters meant to be filters for spam and scam promotions.

I think about who I created back then – Colleen. She is a goth queen who drinks the blood of goats and dances naked around fires. Her poetry is meant to isolate herself and others from the pain she feels inside. Her divinity is in her feminine fire and that fire burns tar black. Constantly smelling of Patchouli Oil and hanging out behind the 7-11, she would scream under the moon and pierce every part of the shaky sky with wild abandon.

It was a silly joke, right? I’m not that dark person inside – or am I? But why did I choose her? Why did I make this dark queen of poetry my filter for the truth?

The truth is, we are who we create every day. Every one of us are multi-faceted characters and we soak up our environments like a sponge. Perhaps Colleen was the feeling I never had like I fit in, or my conflicting desire to run away from convention.

But who am I creating today and where does she run to? What reality am I creating for myself today and is she running towards the truth? Which person do I want to build myself to be and how does she make herself light?

May the person you create today build your bright tomorrow.

Sat Nam.

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