The Particulars of Being Spiritually Particular

Discernment. Something I’ve never been really good at until I started a job search. Every time I hear the words “work from home”, “become an entrepreneur” and “grow a client base” It hits me in the gut before the third eye: there are a lot of people out there who aren’t very particular about who they are looking for, and normally that means you are a quota they need to fill.

In my past lines of work, I have been not particular at ALL in what I’m looking for. Money. Flexibility. A Base. That was it during the period I was a working non working actor, doing 3 jobs and having no time at all for what I really loved doing. 

Then I discovered Kundalini Yoga. It was a filter for everything that wasn’t particular in my life. All the things I thought really mattered melted off me. Parts of my life got harder, but parts of my life became much more particular. For example, New York? Not the place for me. Acting? Not the job for me. 

It’s been two years since I left New York, and I have worked as a production manager for a feature film, done freelance videography, completed a 120 day sadhana (daily practice) and lost over 30 pounds. Things are getting leaner, financially, but here’s the best part about getting through the blur.

Particulars make you invincible in your pursuit of your true self.

Now I’m not saying these particulars are rigid. You know, in esscence what you really want, but the format may change. I wanted to do creative work as an actor, but at present I work in film production. Later? I may write, sing, dance, teach yoga, become a monk, inspire a startup and become a billionaire, become the next Danielle Steel, who knows? 

But as for right now, my particulars are making me more confident in my truth as a human. I am not what I do, I am what I am. I am capable, smart, and willing to do anything to follow the path that my destiny has made me. I am worth more than a general idea. I am worth more than the lump sum of what someone thinks I am capable of. I am capable of anything. 

So are you. 

In the next week, I hope that you are particular with what makes you truly soar. I hope you find a secret for yourself that makes you so happy you don’t want to share it, and then you share those particulars with those who need them. I hope you can feel from your energetic system what is good for you and what doesn’t work, and respond in an appropriate manner. I hope you realize you are one particular living soul in a system of all connected things – and you are what that universe is looking for. I hope you find truth, love, and the core of your particulars.

Sat Nam