The Joy In Finding Tribe

I spent a year of my life in hiding. Parts of me are starting to come out again, and parts are still hidden. But the one thing I can count on whether in solitude or vulnerability is the joy in finding a tribe. 

I went to a tattoo convention today. Extraordinary works of body art, modifications and piercings. I don’t have any modifications myself, but from people I spoke to today and those I have known in the past? The modification of your body through these ritual piercings and tattoos are not a choice : those who choose the lifestyle feel more connected to community with the piercings than without.

Then there were the present company : a friend I have known since I was five years old, her boyfriend and her two friends from high school. One of the things the women in the group had in common was a kind of transitional phase. We are all moving into parts of our lives where we are solidifying what we want and choosing what we don’t really like anymore.

Just like a permanent fixture of ink, the image changes over time of how you want to live your life. You have an idea of what it will be and then if you let it happen it becomes nothing and better than you imagined. You find the peaceful part of yourself that has joy in others and feels joy returned to them as a gift.

I hope that my tribe keeps growing, as yours does too. I hope you find the place where you feel like the better version of yourself and the people who help you get there. I hope you stop hanging out with people who stifle your love. I hope you live in harmony with your tribe and grow strong in those relationships.